Where does the name Chaitanya come from?

Chaitanya is a name taken from Sanskrit meaning life force or consciousness.

What days and hours are you open?

Office Hours

Sallie Norquist, PhD
Monday         9am to 5pm
Wednesday  9am to 5pm
Thursday       9am to 5pm

Lani Sommer-Padilla, MSW, LCSW
Tuesday        4pm to 9pm
Wednesday  4pm to 9pm
Thursday       4pm to 9pm
Friday             4pm to 9pm

Emmy McBride, MSW, LCSW
Monday        Noon to 9pm
Wednesday  Noon to 9pm

Is therapy right for me?

People find therapy helpful for different reasons, whether it’s to more effectively manage long-standing psychological issues, or to find support in times of transition or difficulty. Therapy is right for anyone who wants to gain insight and create change in their lives.  If you are not sure about whether therapy can help you, we encourage you to schedule a free phone consultation so we can discuss your unique circumstances.

What kind of therapy do you practice?

The professionals at Chaitanya Counseling Services are from several therapeutic disciplines united in one goal: the desire to assist our clients on the evolution through their lives. We provide a caring, respectful, open-hearted approach to supporting our clients in whatever changes they wish to make to enhance their lives.

How much does therapy cost?

Psychotherapy and Counseling Services:
Fees vary by therapist and by length of session and range from $160 to $215.

All our psychotherapists are licensed by the State of New Jersey. Our services are reimbursable through out-of-network insurance benefits.

Accepted for Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Health Savings Account (HSA), Cash, or Check.

Fees subject to change.

What should I expect during my first appointment?

The first session is the beginning of evaluation to assess the therapeutic fit. We will discuss why you are seeking therapy at this time, any previous therapy experiences you have had, and your current goals for treatment. This is also a time for you to determine if my therapeutic style works for you, and to ask about my training, experience, and how I might approach our work together. We will also discuss payment, confidentiality, cancellations, and phone calls between appointments.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

When we schedule an appointment, that time is reserved for you. If you find you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours notice. With enough notice, we are able to offer the cancelled appointment to any clients who are waiting for an opening. Your full appointment fee will be charged for sessions missed without 24 hours’ notice. Please be aware that most insurance companies do not reimburse for missed sessions. Please let us know as soon as you become aware that you cannot keep your scheduled appointment.

Do you accept insurance?

We are not in-network with any insurance company.  Our clients generally pay for sessions at the time of service by debit or credit card, check or cash. We then bill their insurance company directly on their behalf, if they request, so that they can be reimbursed, based on their out-of-network coverage benefits. If your insurance does not cover out-of-network providers, you may be able to pay for therapy out of your pre-tax income using an HSA or FSA account.

Insurance companies generally reimburse 60% to 80% of the cost of psychotherapy sessions, after an annual deductible is met. If you would like, my office manager, Michele, can help guide you through the insurance process and determine your out-of-network reimbursement benefits. She can be reached by leaving a message with your return phone number at 201-659-3060, extension 10. She can assist you with any questions you have about your insurance coverage and with coordinating insurance payments.

Why are we not in-network with insurance companies?

We have chosen not to be in-network with insurance companies for several reasons. In-network providers must submit detailed paperwork that is time-consuming and often requires the release of confidential client information. Often therapists who are in-network for various insurance companies are recent graduates or are just starting a private practice. The practice of psychotherapy is similar to other professions, like medicine and dentistry, where skills develop and grow through years of treating clients. Most insurance companies reimburse therapists the same amount regardless of the level of training or experience they have. That approach is not fair nor appropriate for therapists with significant levels of experience and training. In-network therapists agree to accept a lower reimbursement rate (40% to 60% of standard/normal rate) in exchange for receiving a large number of patient referrals. As a result, in-network therapists often work long hours and see many clients. Self-care is a necessity for providing optimal therapeutic services, and requires limiting the number of clients seen each week.

Further Information – Health Insurance and Confidentiality of Records

Can I send a question to Ask Dr. Norquist for her newspaper column?

Dr. Norquist is always happy to answer any “Ask Dr. Norquist” questions you might have.

Please understand that by submitting your question, you are agreeing to have your question published. To protect your privacy, we remove any personally identifiable information prior to publication. All private information provided (such as name, phone number and email address) is confidential and not shared with anyone.

Please send your question by email at any time to Dr. Norquist. You may also call her at 201-659-3060 extension 15. If she is not able to answer your call, please leave a voicemail message.

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