Individual Counseling

Generally people seek out therapy when they are in crisis, which often forces them to squarely face and deal with troubling issues/feelings/relationships that have been compromising their lives for years. This makes it an optimal time for growth. Crisis often forces us to break through barriers, and in so doing, provides opportunities for actively creating a more joyous and fulfilling life for ourselves.

We feel privileged to be a part of this process in your life.

Typical symptoms and issue that we treat include:

Anxiety, stress, and panic
Depression, low self-esteem
Grief and loss
Relationship issues
Trauma, PTSD, abuse
Co-dependency, ACOA
Health concerns, chronic illness
Interpersonal difficulties, social skills development
Search for meaning/direction/purpose
Personal and spiritual growth
Life transitions and adjustments
Communication problems
Identity development
Anger management
Rebuilding one’s life after addiction



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