About Us

C haitanya provides counseling and psychotherapy services. Our staff are licensed psychotherapists, including Licensed Psychologists (Ph.D.) and Licensed Certified Social Workers (with M.S.W. degrees), with advanced training in their discipline and significant amounts of experience.

We offer individual, couples, and family therapy for dealing with anxiety, stress, relationship concerns, depression, sexual abuse, panic attacks, trauma (including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), substance abuse, eating disorders, grief, spiritual issues and lack of direction.

Each member of our group is well grounded in understanding the dynamics of personality and has undergone extensive personal psychotherapy. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every therapy session.

Chaitanya is a group practice dedicated to providing upliftment and empowerment to all who seek our services. Our services are conducted in an atmosphere of caring and respect towards all.

Chaitanya is committed to enlivenment, empowerment, and upliftment. We encourage growth towards increased consciousness.

It is our belief that Chaitanya Center is like a river, feeding an ocean of growing consciousness. This river is one of thousands, acting as conduits for ever-growing consciousness in the world.

Our center is located in Hoboken near the PATH station. Please feel free to contact us.

Office Hours

Sallie Norquist, PhD
Monday        9am to 5pm
Wednesday  9am to 5pm
Thursday       9am to 5pm

Lani Sommer-Padilla, MSW, LCSW
Tuesday        4pm to 9pm
Wednesday  4pm to 9pm
Thursday       4pm to 9pm
Friday             4pm to 9pm

Emmy McBride, MSW, LCSW
Monday        Noon to 9pm
Wednesday  Noon to 9pm

Kelly Zanetich, PhD
Tuesday        3pm to 9pm

51 Newark St

Corner of Newark and Hudson Street, Hoboken

Chaitanya Counseling Services

Office Hours

Monday          9am to 9pm
Tuesday         4pm to 9pm
Wednesday  9am to 9pm
Thursday       9am to 9pm
Friday             4pm to 9pm

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